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Starring... Fractional CMO Greg Jerum

Attention CEO's and Founders... 

Are you frustrated with fractional CMO finder services and agencies?

Two biggest problems with fractional CMO finder services and agencies...

  1. 1
    Finder Services: On the front end all the glossy pictures of seemingly high flying super stars with fancy back stories sound enticing. But, the problems start almost immediately when it becomes obvious that your hire is nothing more than a glorified consultant offering pat marketing advice.
  2. 2
    CMO Agencies: Are great at pitching splashy ideas and throwing around fancy words, but when it comes down to it they are just offering a one size fits all “proprietary" process. For them it's more about propping up their consulting revenues than truly solving your unique challenges.

If you are ready to move beyond consultants into true partnership then keep reading below…


Hi, my name is Greg Jerum. I’ve got 22 years of successful, “in the trenches” digital marketing leadership working with companies of all sizes. If you’re looking for a fully invested partner, who can get your ship off the pad and speeding towards orbit then we should talk.

Limited Time Opportunity


I currently have availability for one new partner to work with me on a fractional basis as your CMO. We'll take your strategy, execution and results to the next level and beyond.

100% Privacy Guaranteed.


Who am I looking to work with?

Small to medium sized businesses who are growing quickly (or have explosive potential for growth). Or larger companies that have remained agile and not overly corporate. Need to have a flexible mindset and be open and excited for change.

What are my fees?

My typical compensation is a monthly retainer plus a negotiated performance package which vests over time.

What do you get?

Simply – a piece of me. This is NOT a consulting relationship. What I’m best at (and most interested in), are fully committed business partnerships. I'll be deeply invested in your business and act as key catalyst to achieving your long-term goals.

How much of my time will you get?

I currently have four other relationships of this nature. You would be number five (and my last). The goal of this type of relationship is you feel  like you have a full-time CMO but you get that for a fraction of the risk you’d need to take on if you hired someone full-time. 

At the same time I will not be full-time so you have to be open to doing things in a very time efficient way. When the fit is right it’s a huge win-win.

What is my role?

Typically very flexible.  Depending on what infrastructure your business needs and already has in place (that is truly serving the long-term goals of the business).

My main focus is usually strategy and management of execution around marketing initiatives. But, I've helped companies successfully execute projects  in related areas from website development to international expansion. 

How do we get started?

Our relationship begins with a no obligation one-on-one discovery call (see signup form on this page). If, after that call we both feel we’d like to investigate the relationship further, then I'll do a round of research (on my dime).

If the research shows we're truly a good fit for each other, exponential growth is realistic and we have a shared vision, then we'll do a follow up call to review next steps in our relationship.  

What I have to offer is very specific and is not for everybody or every situation. But, when the fit is right and incentives are properly aligned the results can be electric (see case studies).

More About Greg...

Background and Approach

  • Dedicated father and husband.
  • “Make every penny count” data driven, results oriented attitude.
  • 20 plus years experience working as an entrepreneur or with entrepreneurs.
  • Strive to be kind and humble. But, also very direct and no non-sense when needed.
  • Never worked in corporate environment. Don't do "branding".   Only run fully accountable marketing programs that businesses depend on to survive and thrive.
  • Native ability, talent and drive - “go to guy”.
  • Innate problem solver. Find solutions to issues without easy or obvious answers.
  • Deep bench of experience navigating the unknown or unexpected.
  • Dogged and determined. Extremely well organized.

What I'm NOT Good At...

  • Lots of long meetings, glossy presentations and things that generally don’t add to your bottom-line.
  • Saving ships that have problems which are MUCH bigger than marketing can fix.

Ares of Expertise

  • Almost all aspects of digital marketing Including all things Google (Search, Shopping, Etc…) Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads. 
  • Organic product marketing including Amazon. Strong understanding of SEO and social media marketing fundamentals.
  • Analytics obsessed.
  • Outsourcing or insourcing talent at cost effective rates both on or off-shore.
  • Building (and remodeling) marketing teams.
  • Efficiency expert. Do more with less. Reorganize teams, bring in outside resources, take a fresh approach.
  • Advising on complex website technology projects (upgrades, system changes etc…)

Case Studies


Market: Cornhole (bean bag toss game)

Market Description: From casual tailgating to a professional league (with regular airings on ESPN and NBC) Cornhole has become one of the fastest growing sports / past times in the US.

Business Description: All Cornhole has become the market leader in the manufacturing and sale of premium (and patented) cornhole bags and boards.

Time in Program: 4.5 Years

Annual Revenue at Start of Program: $67,000 

2021 Revenue: $8,000,000

2022 Projected Revenue: $15,000,000

Big Goal: 50 Million in annual sales.

Status towards Big Goal: On track (projected to reach by end of 2025)


Market: Custom built homes

Market Description: If the American dream is to own your own home then the American fantasy is to own your own custom built home.

Business Description: Value Build is a fast growing regional builder in the North / South Carolina area. Their innovative home building model brings high quality custom built homes at affordable prices on individually owned lots.

Time in Program: 2 Years

Annual Revenue at Start of Program: $10,000,000

2021 Revenue: $25,000,000

2022 Projected Revenue: $35,000,000

Big Goal: 100 Million in annual sales (and thousands of dreams fulfilled!)

Status towards Big Goal: On track (projected to reach by end of 2027)


Market: Flat fee residential real estate listings

Market Description: The advent of online MLS listing services has massively changed how people shop for houses and the relationship between buyers, sellers and brokers.

Business Description: Unlike almost all of their competitors (who are solely lead generators) List With Freedom is a real estate brokerage. Over the last two years they have emerged from being a local market player to executing a 50 state strategy offering low cost (and high value) flat fee MLS listings and related services.

Time in Program: 3 Years

Annual Revenue at Start of Program: $100,000 

2021 Revenue: $2,200,000 

2022 Projected Revenue: $4,000,000

Big Goal: 10 Million in annual sales.

Status towards Big Goal: On track (projected to reach by end of 2025)

Google Reviews & Video Testimonials

Below you can hear directly from a few of the many talented entrepreneurs and business owners I have had the pleasure to work with (in various capacities) over the last 22 years. 

Note: most of these are not super current as I've been quite busy lately just focusing on a few CMO level relationships (see case studies).

That said they are all helpful in understanding the type of value and partnership I will endeavor to bring to your business. 

You can see all 14  of my Google reviews here.

Ryan Jordan


"I hired Net Return 10 years ago. I was so impressed that I've worked with them with 3 clients since."

Dr. Otis Plunk


"We've been a client for almost a decade. Greg is focused on return on investment - a rarity these days."

Luis Colon


"The results we’ve achieved are amazing. More leads, less cost per lead.  More money and profit for us – less money for Google."

Chad Schomburg Atty.


"We don't know where we'd be today without Greg's Google Adwords Expertise."

Liz Miller


"I've been a client for over 5 years. I count on Greg to deliver results, and, he always does."

Omar Brown


"Great company. Easy to work with. Trustworthy. Greg is a man of integrity"

Steve Orlando


"Greg has done a super job for us. Has gotten our clients a great return on investment."

(it probably won’t come again anytime soon)

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