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Hi, I'm Greg

I’ve got 22 years of successful Google Ads experience working with clients of all sizes. If you’re fed up with big promises and little results then we should talk. If I accept you as a client we’ll be working together one-on-one and you won’t pay a dime unless you’re seeing measurable, undeniable results.

Greg Jerum

Principal - Net Return Marketing Inc.

Customers served! 55 Businesses helped
Customers served! 55  budget managed
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Three Biggest Reasons Why Most Google Ads Management Fails.

Fell for a Slick Sales Pitch

Everything sounds wonderful during the sales process. But, when game time comes the person working on your account is two years out of college, has no real business experience and has been doing Google Ads for less than a year.

beware of this guy!

Account Representative "Hell"

Even worse you never even meet the person working on your account and get stuck in account representative "hell" battling through inane explanations of why you’re not seeing results. This is when you start getting the sinking feeling that you understand Google Ads better than your account team.

Ugh... Frustrating!

Hired a Tech. Not a Strategist

You hired someone on Upwork who on paper sounds amazing. They're really good at pushing buttons in your account but nothing seems to move the needle? Here’s a secret for you. 98% of account managers are just technicians. They typically have almost zero real-world business or creative marketing experience. Google Ads is the easy part. At least 80% of your success is predetermined by the strength of your business model and unique positioning.

What's Strategy?

 Client Video Reviews 

Meet Ryan Jordan

Successful serial entrepreneur & all around great guy.

 My secret sauce - Part 1

I've Combined The Agency and Freelancer Models to Bring you the Best of Both Worlds...

  • Agency Model

  • Freelancer Model

  • My Model

My Model - Best of Both Worlds

I've turned the agency pyramid upside down and placed the founder (me) right next to the client (you) as your single point of contact. This allows us to bring the full energetic weight of our entire organization into laser focus ensuring the highest levels of expertise, strategy and accountability get applied to your project. By design, this limits the number of clients Net Return can work with, so it's critical that each relationship be as successful as possible for us to prosper.

Also, I escape the short comings of the one man show free-lancer model by leveraging myself with a highly specialized and experienced team of optimizers who work under my close supervision. As as well as, a deep bench of specialists who can be flexibly engaged to solve more exotic one-off issues that pop up.

 My secret sauce - Part 2

A Spear is Only as Effective as It's Tip is Sharp. With My Guidance Your PPC Spear Will Be Deadly...

  • 1. Knowledge

  • 2. Motivation

  • 3. Experience

I’ve been doing this for 22 years. During this time I’ve literally watched the Google Ad system grow up. I understand its every nuisance. I know it’s opportunities and booby traps inside and out.

How this Works...


Get in Touch

I’d like to help everybody but I can’t. Just know that whether I accept you as a client or not I’ll give you honest feedback that will have value for your business and future pursuits. I respond personally and promptly to EVERYONE who contacts me via this page.

Please be honest and open in telling me “How I can Help You”. This gives me the best chance of giving you the level of help you really need.



First, I'll do an in-depth evaluation of your PPC account. Then we’ll setup a time to talk. In our conversation we’ll review my findings and get to know one another a bit.

The kind of client partner I’m looking to accept into this program goes way beyond data. I’ve found in my 22 years of doing Google Ads that at least half of your success depends on the quality of our relationship. It’s important that we like and respect each other and see eye to eye on business questions.



I’ll create a custom performance-based Google Ads optimization proposal based on your most important metrics and highest priority business goals.

Once the program begins I’ll start optimizing your Google Ads account without any upfront compensation required from you (no fees, no escrows – nothing). You’ll won’t pay me anything until we’ve surpassed our mutually agreed upon performance baselines. And, the compensation you’ll pay me will only be in proportion to your results.

They Love Us...

What They Say

Net Return’s program sounded too good to be true.

Net Return’s program sounded too good to be true. I kept asking myself where's the downside? As decisions go, this was one of my better ones.

George  TemPLE -

I've been a client for over 5 years. I count on Greg to deliver results, and, he always does.

Liz Miller |

Greg has done a super job for us. Has gotten our clients a great return on investment.

Steve Orlando |

We've been a client for almost a decade. Greg is focused on return on investment - a rarity these days.

Dr. Otis Plunk |

We don't know where we'd be today without Greg's Google Adwords Expertise.

Chadd Schomburgh |

Great company. Easy to work with. Trustworthy. Greg is a man of integrity.

omar brown |

The results we’ve achieved are amazing. More leads, less cost per lead.  More money and profit for us – less money for Google.

Luis colon |

success Stories

Ecommerce Originator

Market: Cornhole (bean bag toss game)

Market Description: From casual tailgating to a professional league (with regular airings on ESPN and NBC) Cornhole has become one of the fastest growing sports / past times in the US.

Business Description: All Cornhole has become the market leader in the manufacturing and sale of premium (and patented) cornhole bags and boards.

Time in Program: 6.5 Years

Annual Revenue at Start of Program: $67,000 

2023 Revenue: $8,000,000

Big Goal: 50 Million in annual sales.

Status towards Big Goal: On track (projected to reach by end of 2027)

Fast growing builder 

Market: Custom built homes

Market Description: If the American dream is to own your own home then the American fantasy is to own your own custom built home.

Business Description: Value Build is a fast growing regional builder in the North / South Carolina area. Their innovative home building model brings high quality custom built homes at affordable prices on individually owned lots.

Time in Program: 2 Years

Annual Revenue at Start of Program: $10,000,000

2023 Revenue: $25,000,000

Big Goal: 100 Million in annual sales (and thousands of dreams fulfilled!)

Status towards Big Goal: On track (projected to reach by end of 2028)

REal Estate Disruptor

Market: Flat fee residential real estate listings

Market Description: The advent of online MLS listing services has massively changed how people shop for houses and the relationship between buyers, sellers and brokers.

Business Description: Unlike almost all of their competitors (who are solely lead generators) List With Freedom is a real estate brokerage. Over the last two years they have emerged from being a local market player to executing a 50 state strategy offering low cost (and high value) flat fee MLS listings and related services.

Time in Program: 3 Years

Annual Revenue at Start of Program: $100,000 

2023 Revenue: $2,200,000 

Big Goal: 10 Million in annual sales.

Status towards Big Goal: On track (projected to reach by end of 2025)

Limited Time Opportunity

July, 2024: For the first time in two years I have availability for new clients. Do you have an underperforming business or bold startup with great potential? If so, let's talk! 

Greg Jerum - Principal

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