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The Truth About the Pay-Per-Click Management Industry.

The standard service model for PPC management companies typically includes at least one, if not all of the following:


High up-front “setup” fees


Long-term binding contracts


Monthly fees that typically range from 10% – 20% of your monthly PPC spend

And generally does not include…


A real binding guarantee that ensures you as the client get a reasonable return for the fees you pay for management.

At Net Return Marketing we understand this model because in the past we used this model. The honest truth is…

The industry standard model is set up to maximize the profits of the PPC management company while minimizing their risk and time investment in managing your account.

Performance-Based PPC Management = Better Results, Better Service and Lower Risk.

The goal of our Performance-Based PPC Management program is to go well beyond the typically mediocre results produced by fee-based management to achieve maximum account performance levels.

We put our money where our mouth is.

For qualifying clients, we will set up and optimize your account for a fee that is on a par with what our competitors charge, but we’ll also make specific performance projections which will be backed by a rock solid performance guarantee.

Under our performance guarantee, if your account does not meet our performance projections, you’ll receive a significant percentage of your money back – guaranteed

Additionally, we build performance incentives into our contracts which allow us to invest more resources than would normally be merited by a Flat Fee or Percentage of Spend program. Typically, this results in a big win for both us and our clients. Because we have a greater potential for reward, we can invest more resources in your account. This greater investment of resources is typically what leads to the truly exemplary results we’ve achieved for many of our clients.

Beware of imitators.

Many companies try to make the claim that their programs are “performance-based.” But, when you boil it down, their high fees are still fixed, and what you ultimately end up paying is not directly connected to the results they achieve for you. What they generally mean by performance-based is, if you are not happy with their performance, they give you the right to fire them – in the mean time, you are still stuck holding a large bill for mediocre or no results.

Why Performance-Based PPC Management Produces Superior Results…

Simply put, because our compensation is directly linked to your results, we are hyper-motivated to seize every possible opportunity when optimizing your account(s). Our success as a Performance-Based Pay-Per-Click Management company is directly related to developing and continually refining every aspect of the PPC optimization process, including…


Motivating Your Optimization Team

Your optimization team is by far the most important aspect in successfully managing your PPC account. Every one of our clients is assigned a Client Account Manager and a Client Account Supervisor, both highly skilled and highly motivated. They are the best in the industry. They have to be because their compensation from working on your account is directly related to your account’s success.

Our optimization teams thrive on the challenge of producing the highest levels of real results for clients each and every time.

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Mastering Optimization Fundamentals.

Mastering the fundamentals of Google and Yahoo! are the most critical elements in bringing an account to its highest level of performance. By working within the pressure cooker of a results-driven model, our teams have created and refined a full suite of optimization techniques which include everything from basic keyword research to advanced quality score maximization.


Staying On the Cutting Edge of Optimization Techniques.

The pay-per-click world is in constant evolution. In particular, Google is continually pushing the envelope with innovations to its Adwords platform. Our optimization teams are uniquely driven to understand and integrate these changes in their quest to seek out every possible performance advantage for our clients.


Employing Superior Technology.

Successfully optimizing an Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing account is three parts human, one part technology. Skillful integration of the latest optimization technologies is crucial to achieving the highest levels of performance.

In the course of our regular client optimizations, we employ the latest bid management, site analytics and competitor intelligence technologies to gain every ounce of advantage possible for your account.


Communicating with Clients.

Net Return Marketing takes client communication as seriously as we take client results. As our company has grown, we’ve strived to maintain the feeling of a “boutique” firm. Each and every client is assigned a dedicated account manager and a dedicated relations manager, each easily contacted by email or telephone. Additionally, our client relations managers regularly and proactively contact their clients to ensure the highest possible levels of client satisfaction are maintained.


arrow_down.gifDecreased Cost Per Sale by 18%
arrow_up.gifIncreased Sales Volume by 22%
arrow_down.gifDecreased Cost Per Sale by 37%
arrow_up.gifIncreased Sales Volume by 30%
arrow_down.gifDecreased Cost Per Sale by 65%
arrow_up.gifIncreased Sales Volume by 100%

Programs Uniquely Crafted for Lead Generation or Ecommerce.

The techniques and tactics that produce the best results for an Ecommerce website can be quite different from those needed for Lead Generation. To address these varied needs and maximize campaign results, we’ve created separate PPC Management programs for Ecommerce and Lead Generation websites.

Goal-Specific Programs.

Through our experience of working with Ecommerce and Lead Generation websites across multiple industries, we’ve learned that one PPC Management model does not fit the goals of all businesses. Whether your primary goal is to increase sales or lead volume, or to decrease cost per sale or lead, we have a specific program for you.

Our Clients’ Results Speak for Themselves.

We’ve had the privilege to work with some of the top small to mid-size ecommerce and lead generation companies on the Internet today (see Our Clients page). Although success levels vary from client to client, we’re proud to say that over 90% of our performance-based clients have achieved a significant measurable improvement in account performance (see Client Results page).

Our success rate is partly due to the skill, hard work and experience of our team, but also is greatly enhanced by the assessment process we do with each and every client we consider for a performance-based program.

Because our PPC management service is performance-based (and our compensation is directly linked to your results), we will only take you on as a performance-based client once we have completed an in-depth PPC assessment (see our PPC evaluation for more information).

To learn more about our performance-based pay-per-click management program and our in-depth Adwords evaluation process, simply fill out the form below. You will be contacted by one of our Internet Marketing experts (not a sales person) who will be able to answer all of your questions and help you evaluate if this program is right for your business. If you would like to speak to someone right away, call 800.476.5163.

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